“I started working with Ashley to strengthen my lower back and core in hopes of eliminating sporadic low back pain. Over the course of 6 months we went beyond strengthening my back – and she got me in the kind of top physical form I had not been in for 15 years. Ashley listens and responds to feedback and after the first few months starting tweaking my workouts each week, focusing on different muscle groups and keeping the workouts interesting. Ultimately, Ashley gave me a great tool-kit of workouts and exercises that I regularly call on to maintain the great conditioning she helped me achieve” ~ Douglas, Software Company CEO

“I have been working with Ashley for several months. My workout regimen needed major overhauling. I had been virtually doing the same workout for many years which was outdated and incomplete. I needed to focus on strengthening my core. Ashley initially designed a workout that I could build on. As I have strengthened my core, she has constantly added and modified my workout to become even more effective. It has also helped to have “variety” for both the physical benefits as well as mental benefits as you are less likely to become bored with the same workout. Ashley always shows up with enthusiasm and a smile. I appreciate that she challenges me to better myself” ~ Jim, Regional Account Manager